A Level Music: Music Theory


Website Resources:

Dave Conservatoire

Author: Dave Conservatoire
Cost: Free
Link: http://www.daveconservatoire.org
Info: A free online music school, aiming to provide a world-class music education for everyone. Lots of video tutorials on many different music theory topics.

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People

Author: Toby W. Rush
Cost: Free
Link: http://tobyrush.com/theorypages/index.html
Info: PDF one page guides on lots of music theory topics.

Toned Ear

Author: Tone Savvy LLC
Cost: Free, but there is also a paid app version for iOS and Google Play.
Link: https://tonedear.com
Info: Free online ear training exercises.

I Was Doing All Right – Online Ear Trainer 3.0

Author: I Was Doing All Right
Cost: Free, there is also an app version for iOS.
Link: https://www.iwasdoingallright.com/tools/ear_training/online/
Info: Free online ear training exercises for intervals, melody dictation, and chord progression dictation. Also a good resource to generate jazz chord progressions to improvise over.

Reading Music

https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/reading/ – Introduction, Beats and Measures, Time Signature, Note Value, Dotted Notes and the Tie, Rests, Values Shorter Than a Beat, Eighth and Sixteenth Notes, Eighth-Note and Sixteenth-Note Rests, Triplets, Beat Unit, Simple and Compound Meters, Reading Musical Notes, An Example, Accidentals, Key Signatures, Keyboard Notes,


https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/intervals/ – What is an Interval?, Name of Intervals, Interval Quality, Seconds, Thirds, Fourths, Fifths, Sixths, Sevenths, Interval Constructor, Identification and Construction, Geometric Interval Constructor.

Scale Construction

https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/scales/ – What is a Scale?, Major and minor scales, Whole and Half Steps in Scales, Relative scales, Minor scales, Triads in a scale, Scale Constructor.

Chord Construction

https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/chords/ – What is a Chord?, Chord Construction, Major Chords, Minor Chords, Diminished Chords, Use of Chords, Chord Constructor, Geometric Chord Constructor.

Harmonic Functions

https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/functions/intro/ – Basic Harmonic Functions, Tonic, The Dominant and Subdominant, An example using I, IV and V, Identifying the I, IV and V degrees, The II and VII Degrees, The III and VI Degrees, Harmonic Functions in Minor Keys, Harmonic Analysis, Nonharmonic Tones, Secondary Dominants, Modulation, Augmented Sixths, Neapolitan Sixth.

Musical Forms

https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/forms/ – Binary Form, The Baroque Suite, Ternary Form and Compound Ternary, Rondo Form, Sonata Form, Variations, Musical Forms Summary, Contrapuntal Compositional Techniques, Phrases, Periods and Motives.


Exercises: Music Theory



Music Theory Apps

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

Platform:  iOS
Cost: £2.99
Rating: 4.6/5
Developer: Rolfs Apps
Info: Improve your sight reading with immediate feedback of timing accuracy. Carefully graduated levels from simple to professional allow you to start at your best level and improve at your own pace, more rapidly than on your own instrument. Practice anytime and anywhere. Many advanced features.


Platform:  iOS
Cost: £3.99
Rating: 4.8/5
Developer: musictheory.net
Info: Music theory exercises.

Toned Ear

Platform:  iOS and Google Play.
Cost: £4.99
Developer: Tone Savvy LLC
Info: Musical Ear Training.

Play By Ear – Ear Training

Platform:  iOS
SuperNonstop.com, Inc.
Info: Play By Ear is a call-and-response ear training application that helps you develop the ability to hear pitches and play them back on your instrument by ear. Unlike other applications which force you to press buttons to indicate the notes you’ve heard, Play By Ear uses pitch recognition so you can play the notes back on your instrument (piano, guitar, trumpet, etc). Using your instrument to play the notes allows you to practice ear training in a method that most closely matches how you’ll actually play music.